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    Movie "Drag Me to Hell"


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    Movie "Drag Me to Hell" Empty Movie "Drag Me to Hell"

    Post  OhCrapBunny on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:59 pm

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    The story revolves around Christine Brown, a woman with a dream job and a steady boyfriend. Except that, certain events lead to her being cursed by a romanian old lady and is doomed to go to hell in three days! The movie follows her daily struggles in live as well as in coping with the curse and attempting to remove it when things turn ugly.

    Personal Opinion(read at your own risk)

    What I had expected was some action. Physical action. Most of you who watched would say, "Isn't she active enough?". I don't mean it in that way. More like, the story is kind of draggy. The only praise worthy aspects are a little of the effects and her fight with the enraged granny. It reminds me of those "kids" horror movies. The story is pure stupidity compared to all the other religious/witchcraft/sorcery movies. However, I did ADORE the ending. The fact that she didn't manage to lift the curse and got dragged to hell was cool. You can't have a happy ending all the time. ^.^

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