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    Post  OhCrapBunny on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:56 pm

    Anime: Bleach
    Character: Hitsugaya Toushirou
    Type of Story: Diary Extract

    Monday, 7th of March 20XX

    There's this guy I used to know who's now considered a legend. Could you believe that? I never really got to know him that well until the very last moment. Yes, I know. On the outside, it appeared as he was teasing as a close friend, but that wasn't the case. At least, not until the very last moment. Not until he died in my arms. Now I'm pretty much sure you're wondering who the hell I'm talking about. Well that's quite simple, how many legendary shinigamis are there out there? Just one: Kurosaki Ichigo.
    Now. I know there's an other thing bothering you, right? Yes, I'll answer that too. His death wasn't in vain, in fact, it was victory itself. The best way to die seriously. However, he just might have regretted it, because his family was left to mourn, over a nineteen-year-old, college freshmens' grave. Not just a brother, but also a young one too.
    The third thing I wanted to tell is that I know, that by the time you finish reading this extract of my diary, you'll be stunned. Stunned in a bad way. Now why would I say that? Well, I'll leave that up for you to read later on. I know this doesn't sound like me, but that's only if you never truly knew me.

    Anyways, back on track. This extract never really was about me, right? Yep, it's about Ichigo. I know, i know. You have many questions. Why is this extract dedicated to him? Why is he a legend? I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not gonna answer these questions. On the other side, I wish to tell the truth about him which has been kept a secret even in Soul Society. I could at least do him this much favor.

    Ichigo Kurosaki, dragged into the world of hollows and shinigamis, only to find out he was a part of it from the very beginning. Who is he? Why are there so many truths and facts hidden about him, not only from him, but also from the rest of Soul Society? What is the secret about Ichigo Kurosaki's existence? He's a half shinigami. Now what would that mean? I don't know that much either. In fact, that's about the only thing I know about him. What? It took me this much just to say a few puny little phrases? That's correct, it's my diary after all. Up to me what the content would be like. Doesn't really need to make much sense either.

    That's it. This is the end. Disappointed? Stunned? Told you so. OH, and by the way. If you're reading this extract from my diary, that means I'm probably dead.Now that you know at least this much, will you pursue on to the quest of the truth? Or will you burn this paper and forget all about it. It's all up to you. Just bare in mind that Soul Society's fate rests in your hands, literally, in your hands.


    Writer's Note: Now, now. I know what you're all gonna say. This story has no structure, no plot, no goal, nothing. Yes exactly! Nothing. That's the whole point. This isn't some famous writer's book, it's an extract from Toushirou's diary, a torn page, a note, a warning. Just please, before commenting, do take into consideration this note I wrote.

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