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    Post  *Zero* on Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:55 pm

    Welcome to Beniiro Shoujo!

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    We hope that our Forum will soon be one of your favourites! Before you start exploring all the amazing aspects and features of our Forum, we would kindly recommend you to check out our rules and make sure you agree with ALL of them. If you don’t then too bad, we will have to wave goodbye to you.

    If you have already read our simple, straightforward rules and you are still with us, then perhaps you would like to hear how this Forum was created? Well, it all started on a cold, rainy afternoon, when times were hard. Did you feel the atmosphere? The tension? Did we manage to grab your attention? Very well, now lets stick to the truth and reality.

    Our main and super talented Admin-sama (the main creator of this Forum, OhCrapBunny) once sent me a strange, but at the same time a sudden and amazing message saying “I've had a brilliant idea!!! Very Happy How about we create a forum and be active there??? Smile”. I was shocked but at the same amazed by the idea that we can create a community that will unite us all- anime fans, role-play lovers, Japan connoisseurs etc. All that I could reply was “Hmmmm..... Good idea Smile where and how??? What will be the main "theme" or topic of the forum???” Then it all begun. We were so excited and happy! We just couldn’t wait to start!

    It took our grand Admin-sama few days to create this amazing Forum for which We shall all thank her! We have just launched our little idea and we hope that with your help, we will grow! Let's unite and create something together! We deeply hope that you will enjoy every second that you spend here, with us. The Staff will try and make everything to make You happy! Very Happy Enjoy the thrilling and spectacular forums of Beniiro Shoujo! Much Love!

    With Lots Of Love,
    Administrators of Beniiro-Shoujo~ OhCrapBunny & *Zero*

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